Puppet theater

Is one of the oldest theaters in Krasnoyarsk, created for children and raised more than one generation of spectators at its performances.

History of creation

For a long time in Krasnoyarsk there was only one theater — the drama theater named after A. S. Pushkin, its performances were designed for adults. In the Studio of this theater in the late 1930s. Director Michael Rerberg, actress Tatiana Kalitina and their associates organized a passionate active group, which grew into a working puppet Theater for children.

At first, the theater did not have its own premises, and in 1959 moved to the former building of the police club on Lenin street,119, where it is to this day. Since 1941, for 26 years, the main Director of the theater was one of its founders Markela Dmitrievna Mokhnatkina.

The history of the theater began with the production of the play based on the famous fairy tale "Three bears" on October 18, 1938.

History of development

Artists themselves mastered dolls, which have repeatedly been awarded at various festivals.. The theater grew, developed, and the leading Directors and artists of the country, honored artists staged their performances.

During the great Patriotic war, performances on military-Patriotic themes appeared in the theater. One of the most popular productions was the Comedy "the Undying Anton". The actors of the theater were active in hospitals, field camps, schools, factories and recruiting centers and made almost 1000 performances, the main character of which was a brave partisan.

In 1954, the head and leading artist of the theater was Sergei Pavlovich Komlev, who headed it until 1980. Krasnoyarsk puppet theatre continued its active development, and already in the early 1960s, was staged the first performance for adults, and in 1976, along with the dolls came on stage and the puppeteers.

In the 1990s, the Krasnoyarsk puppet theater toured the cities of Russia and received international recognition, and was awarded diplomas of various foreign festivals. In the 2000s, the theater also continued to tour and became a frequent participant of Russian and international festivals.

In 2010, the theater presented in the competition program in Serbia the play "Neighbours", where one doll was managed by three artists. It was awarded "For the best actor's ensemble".

Facade and interior design

In 1987, the building, which houses the puppet theater, was reconstructed. The facade and interior of the building was designed by architect Areg Demirkhanov together with famous artists, one of them was Anatoly Zolotukhin — Chairman of the Krasnoyarsk organization of the Union of artists of the Russian Federation. In the 1980s, he was fond of turning decorative toys out of wood, and has achieved considerable success in this field. For example, for a series of his toys, the artist was awarded the Academy of arts of the USSR.

Some of the works of Anatoly Zolotukhin became elements of the modern interior design of the theater. Musical puppet dance "Clock", created in tandem with Areg Demirkhanov, still adorns the main entrance of the theater. The puppet box is activated 15 minutes before the start of each performance.

In 2010, there was a re-reconstruction of the theater. The stage, equipment, chairs were renovated and adapted for spectators of different ages.

The hall of the theatre is decorated with a carved metal chandelier "Feather of the Firebird", performed by the architect Arag Demirkhanov and artist Anatoly Zolotukhin. The weight of the chandelier is almost 800 kg.

Theatre today

Today, the puppet Theater is more than a show of performances.

In addition to active touring activities, the theater hosts master classes for children. Under the guidance of theater artists, children create theater dolls from everyday objects and learn to work with them. After some performances for children and adults, the actors hold a master class on the shadow theater, its participants also create a doll and conduct a General improvised performance.

The theatre offers a number of excursions for children of different ages. The children have the opportunity to look behind the scenes, to get acquainted with the structure of the theater, puppet schemes and the creation of the play, to participate in an interactive game with dolls. And teenagers and adults, among other things, can visit the rehearsal.

In 2017, the project "Theater van" was launched — a mobile puppet theater, where you can not only watch the performance, but also create your own unique puppet story, participate in a master class and communicate with artists.