Museum named after Surikov V. I. Art of the XX–XXI centuries.

A collection of works by Russian artists of the XX–XXI centuries. The most significant part of it are works of the Russian avant-garde.

The history of creation

The art department of the XX-XXI centuries, located today in the house No. 102 on Mira Avenue, is one of the three branches of the Krasnoyarsk Art Museum named after V. Surikov. This museum was placed in the building in 1983, which made it possible to form a new exposure.

Collections of the museum

In the Art Department of the XX-XXI centuries. The works of such artists as Konchalovsky P. P., Grabar I. E., Zhilinsky D. D., Ryazhskaya G. G., Krymov N. P., Gerasimov SV, Lebedev V. V., Vasnetsov U. A. and many other famous artists of that time.

A collection of works by artists from former Soviet republics: the Baltic states, the Transcaucasus, Central Asia, Ukraine and Belarus.

A large section of the art of Siberian masters of the XX century - Andrew Pozdeev, Boris Ryauzov, Valeryan Sergin, Toivo Ryannel, Anatoly Znak.

The sculpture collection is represented by such masters as Vladimir Domogatsky, Lev Kerbel, Oleg Komov, Yuri Zloti and other authors.

Of particular value is the collection of works of the Russian avant-garde - the works of Kandinsky V. V., Malevich K. S., Rodchenko A. M., Popova L. S., painting and graphics of Shterenberg D. P.