Peace square

The Krasnoyarsk Museum Center is the largest presentation platform in Siberia, which brings together people within the culture and art

The history of creation

The idea of building The Museum, in the architectural ensemble of the Mira square, appeared in the 70s which was the heyday of the Soviet Union. April 25, 1975, the Central Committee of the Communist party adopted a resolution on the establishment of a particularly important town-planning ensemble of the Central part of the city.

The ensemble was to form a new architectural-artistic silhouette of the Central part of Kranoyarsk. The place of construction was chosen as the cultural and historical center of the city. The Museum center became a part of the ensemble as the Krasnoyarsk branch of the Central Lenin Museum, the 13-th in the USSR and one of a kind in Siberia.

In November 1982, construction began, and on 17 April 1987 the Museum was opened for visitors. The author of the project became Krasnoyarsk architect A. S. Demirhanov.

The Museum is designed in the modernism style. Its silhouette blends into the natural landscape of the city and reminiscent of the Krasnoyarsk reserve "Stolby". It is noteworthy that from different viewpoints, the Museum looks in a different way every time. From the Central entrance opens a view on the Yenisey river and the right Bank of Krasnoyarsk.

According to the ideas of the Soviet period, the Museum has established the main exhibition dedicated to Lenin and the development of social democratic movement in Russia. No doubt, this exposition is the "heart" of the Museum center.

The history of the development

A turning point of the Museum began in the 90s. The Soviet Union collapsed, and the place of communism in the country was taken by capitalism. Since then, the Museum has changed its name three times – in the 90th year it was reorganized as the "Museum of political history," in 1991st - «Krasnoyarsk cultural-historical Museum complex", and finally, in 2017 officially renamed in the "Museum center "Mira square." All of these names were intended to reflect the change of ideology of the culture of the society and of the Museum itself, as the bearer of this culture. The contents of the Museum center changed together with the name.

The museum today

Currently, the Museum runs a variety of functions – the preservation of the historic exhibition, collecting contemporary art, exhibitions, educational projects, conferences, seminars, concerts of contemporary music.

The total exhibition area of the Museum is 2500 sq. m more than 15 thousand works of art. fre kept in the Museum center. The Museum takes the exhibition not only from different cities of Russia but also from other countries such as Japan, Poland, Germany.

Museum center has easily transforming equipment, which allows to approach the organization of each exhibition individually, to create the necessary space for the most accurate transmission of the content of the exhibition.

Krasnoyarsk Museum center is part of the international coalition of memorable places of conscience. This project aims to unite and save the objects, the places that keep the memory about historical events that are important for society. It gives the younger generation a chance to learn and experience from the past, provides an opportunity to build a more unprejudiced, peaceful future, establishes a connection between the past and the associated with modern human rights issues.